Income Disparity

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It is imperative that people understand that there will be no government funds to help individuals retire in the future. Countries around the world are now pushing out the ages for retirement benefits. This will continue until there are no benefits for retirees. Corporations are also all making moves to a defined contribution-style pension fund which just pays you what you put in.

The disparity of income will continue. Most rich people haven’t been given any great opportunity, save for the minority of inherited fortunes. Even most inherited fortunes were earned at some point, by someone. The key to the problem is not to complain about the rich getting richer; after all, if they earned the money by being better with money than the majority of people, why begrudge them their spoils? Generally speaking, it is because people are envious and unhappy. Why can’t you too get rich? What if anyone in the middle class had a shot at becoming a millionaire? This is what we should be focusing on. Why can’t we teach people how to get wealthy? I believe we can. I am so sure of this that I am going to take it on myself.

This February, I will be conducting a FREE real estate investment workshop. I am going to tell anyone who wants to attend (subject to a capacity attendance of 500), how to get rich through investing in real estate. I am calling it Brad J. Lamb’s P.O.W.E.R. Investing to Real Estate Millions.

For those interested in attending, they can email or call 416.368.5262.