How Toronto Became Canada’s #1 City

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This guy is an idiot. He knows nothing of Toronto. If he knew anything about Toronto then he would know that the Quebec Liberation Front (FLQ) and Parti Québécois (PQ) were the sole catalyst for Toronto’s emergence as Canada’s #1 city. Prior to 1970, Montreal was clearly the economic hub and likely would have remained so. A huge exodus from Canada’s #1 city, that started in 1971, turned Toronto from a backwater to a contender. This consistent population growth turned a dead city of surface parking lots to a city alive with no more surface parking lots. It took 48 years of consistent immigration from afar and interprovincial emigration. The population of the Census Metropolitan Area of Toronto went from 2.7 million in 1971 to over 6.3 million today. If any city from 1970 onward received the incredible and consistent population growth from millions of new people that Toronto received, then it too would eventually experience a very tight real estate market. The reality in central Toronto is that it is almost impossible to find land. Coupled with extraordinary government measures to stop density and you have this problem that is unique to Toronto and not likely to change measurably.