CURRENT COVID-19 FACTS.        (APRIL 27/20)


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  • 2,661 fatalities in Canada
  • 2012 fatalities (79%) in long-term care facilities (with serious pre-existing health issues)
  • 549 fatalities (21%) for the rest of Canada (which still includes a majority of people with serious pre-existing conditions)
Minus 3.3% economic growthMinus 40% economic growth (estimate)
8.7% unemployment20% unemployment (estimate)
  • Hospitals are now mostly empty.  Ventilators are now mostly unused.  The curve has been flattened.  New hospital admissions are down dramatically.
  • Was quarantining everyone and shutting down the economy the right choice?
  • Is the government’s current plan of re-opening the economy the right plan?
  • Why not protect those in long-term care facilities and those with pre-existing conditions?  Let everyone else get back to work as usual. 
  • The seasonal flu kills 8,100 Canadians a year (with a vaccine) and we have never shut down the economy or enforce social distancing
  • How can businesses resume and re-employ at 50% capacity? 
  • Is it time for a new plan?